The concept

A2B Immersions are specialist in french teaching
for adults and professionals.

The opening of borders and the globalization of trade are making language skills a key to success on both a professional and cultural level.

French is recognized as one of the most useful languages to know in Europe and in the world as it is spoken in over 100 countries by more than 300 million people!

With A2B Immersions, you will experience a fast and effective method to improve your French. For a few days plunge yourself into the French language and culture: a combination of standard classes and linguistic workshops.

Our annual extensive courses

We are proposing a diversity of courses in which pupils can submit all year long.

  • Standard courses
  • Conversation courses
  • Phonetics courses
  • Grammar courses
  • Official exams preparation courses
Our immersions or intensive courses

The program : you can alternate between standard courses, educational activities and private courses.

Select your program :

Find yourself in a friendly atmosphere, a perfect combination of efficiency and pleasure. You will learn French while discovering one of the most beautiful regions of France, the Languedoc Roussillon.

You will be supervised throughout the training by a native and certified teacher as well as a coordinator who will ensure the smooth running of your stay!

  • Professionals, strengthen the cohesion of your teams.
  • For others, come and live an exceptional human adventure!

Our theme programs